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Welcome to Moore Fuso

The new 2015 Canter Chassis' have arrived!


Consider that the Commercial Truck marketplace has fundamentally changed – at least for the foreseeable future – and understanding the All New 2015 Mitsubishi Fuso Canter   in this market is much different from the traditional way you've been buying Trucks!


It is no longer just about Power... Getting the trucking task done as inexpensively as possible has become more important than the old way - just throwing horsepower at the load and blowing dollars out the exhaust!

Features, Benefits and Specifications are the means to get to a tight "bottom line" and

a significantly lowered cost of operation for owners.


The new Canter helps you keep more of your hard-earned revenue by lowering your operating expenses!


Our customers are companies and individuals that have survived the last several years being frugal and more expense-driven than ever!


The new Canter speaks to “Customer satisfaction with the job-well-done and on time” - a perfect harmony between your dealer, you… and your customers!


The major points of strength by owning or leasing a new Canter by Fuso:


1) Fuso recommended 18k maintenance intervals = more uptime to get the job done and   earn!


2) Best Warranty in class. 5 Years 175,000 miles = Lowered repair expenses in key areas not covered by our competitors!


3) Increased fuel economy with 4P10 and Duonic Transmission = lower fuel expense and traditional clutch maintenance is eliminated!


4) Lowered Curb Weight of chassis = increased legal payloads on all models!



If you seek solutions to a stronger bottom line...

                                      consider a new 2015 Fuso Truck for your business!


Moore Fuso would like to extend the invitation to see and drive the 2015 Fuso at your convenience.

We have a 2015 FE160 model with 16’ Morgan Freight body available!


Please contact Moore FUSO today to set up a demonstration at your place of business. (978)-774-0040

      BOB MOORE's Truck Buying Guide




Please choose one of the following vocations:

  • Contractors:
    Whether you’re a plumber, carpenter, electrician or other contractor, a dependable truck is the most important tool of your trade.
  • Dry Freight:
    Delivering is what you’re all about. The more pickups and deliveries you make, the more money you make.
  • Fleet Operations:
    Whether you run a small, medium or large fleet of trucks, uptime is everything.
  • Landscaping:
    Isn’t it time the grass is greener on your side of the fence?
  • Off-Road:
    Is your road to success paved with rocks, mud or other obstacles?
  • Plowing:
    Say goodbye to long-nosed conventional plow trucks. Now you can avoid plowing into something you can’t see.
  • Public Works:
    With city and municipal governments under intense pressure to cut costs, the Canter’s low cost of ownership is just what the taxpayers ordered.
  • Refigerated:
    Your reputation for dependability is as perishable as the goods you carry


We invite you to give us an opportunity to earn your business!


  No problem at MOORE Fuso!

Demanding Use? High Mileage profile?

We've got you covered!

 Backed by Best Warranty in Business!

Preventative Maintenance Programs Available

Here's a 2010 FE145 Custom Ordered for a customer...

Every customer has specific needs for their Truck...

 We understand!


Dump Thru Liftgate and "E" track inside

to accommodate daily needs.

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